Steve Berta, an Ontarian based in Vancouver, a wannabe Vancouverite and a probably gonnabe forever. Steve quickly vaulted from a merchandiser to a management position. Both young in age and at heart, Steve as Area Manger, B.C. Alberta, transfers that young spirit yet professional attitude on to his staff. 



Born and raised, where did you spend most of your days?

In a small town called Paris, Ontario. I spent most of my days outdoors getting into trouble on the family farm. Being the youngest of 6 siblings – I found myself in a LOT of trouble.   

You can go anywhere do anything, tell me about it and would you come back… Please…

Tough question! So many places I’d love to go. I’d travel the world and experience every country and culture. I’d definitely come back. Home will always be home.

If we bought you a tape, cd, 8-track or Blu-ray, what would you want?

CD – The Lumineers ! A great band out of Denver, Colorado

Movie – Ferris Bueller's Day Off!! or Jerry Maguire - I always wanted to be a sports agent after that movie!

Somehow you know that tomorrow you are going to be stranded on a deserted island, what is the one item you would bring with you?

An acoustic guitar

The Doc is going to park his DeLorean in your driveway for a few days, what event would you go back in time to witness?

The beginning of the industrial revolution – to witness those “eureka moments” that changed industry as we know it forever.

We all have guilty pleasures, what’s yours? If you want to chicken out, you can just tell us the most unusual thing you know how to do…

A trip to the farmers market with a fresh cup of java from Starbucks – lame, but it’s a perfect morning!

Where is Waldo?

He’s got to be retired by now, relaxing on a Caribbean beach in the Bahamas.  

Now for the business:

Ripple Effect Marketing is a great company to work for, True or False? Be careful, we are sensitive.

Absolutely True 

We really do think you are swell! What makes you so great at what you do?

Easy question, the people around me have the biggest impact on my success.

What gets you up in the morning? And don’t say an alarm clock.

To quote a scene from Jerry Maguire - ``I love the mornings! I clap my hands every morning and say, This is gonna be a great day!`` But seriously, the thought of breakfast gets me up in the morning!

Ernie has been known to say ‘executional excellence’, none of us know the exact meaning, what does it mean to you?

Here’s my attempt at defining that. I promise I didn’t take this from Webster’s.

Executional excellence is the most important step of any project or undertaking. It`s the process in which your vision, objectives and strategic plan all tie together to become reality. You must execute with a high degree of excellence in order to successfully deliver on your promises as an organization.

What role does technology play in your life? Ever walk into someone while texting?

Huge role! The world is constantly changing and developing, if you don’t embrace technology you’ll be left behind.

What is your business goal? Personally I want to be a Dragon.

I would have to agree with that! To be part of something bigger then myself. To help re-define a product, process or even an industry.


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