Angele Simard the quietest of the bunch. She is the Communications Manager for the field team in the Quebec Region. We know 'quiet one……….communications manager'? She is so well respected and knows her role, she doesn't need to say much to get the message out.



Born and raised, where did you spend most of your days?

Born in Asbestos (Oh! Yes! That is where I learn to enjoy snow! In my childhood, we lived so close to the mine we had "that special snow" every morning all year long ……) Lived most of my life in Sherbrooke.

You can go anywhere do anything, tell me about it and would you come back… Please…

Visit market places all over the world and come back to prepare my next trip 

If we bought you a tape, cd, 8-track or Blu-ray, what would you want?

The Sound of Silence     Gone with the Wind     Renoir

Somehow you know that tomorrow you are going to be stranded on a deserted island, what is the one item you would bring with you?

Computer with solar cell 

The Doc is going to park his DeLorean in your driveway for a few days, what event would you go back in time to witness?

Witness the arguments Magellan served to the king to get ships to go find out if our planet was a sphere or not.

We all have guilty pleasures, what’s yours? If you want to chicken out, you can just tell us the most unusual thing you know how to do…

I know how to make homemade chocolate (yes, yes I know how they put the caramel in the Caramilk) and my guilty pleasure is to eat them.

Where is Waldo?

Always behind my back

Now for the business:

Ripple Effect Marketing is a great company to work for, True or False? Be careful, we are sensitive.

True – Because of the team work done with respect

We really do think you are swell! What makes you so great at what you do?

The team, and my part in that team is usually being optimistic

What gets you up in the morning? And don’t say an alarm clock.

I live with an early bird, no need for alarm clock. 

Ernie has been known to say ‘executional excellence’, none of us know the exact meaning, what does it mean to you?

To do the extra mile that makes the difference.  

What role does technology play in your life? Ever walk into someone while texting?

Important, wonderful tool to get close to those that are far, to get things done, to cultivate, to learn, my type of job would be almost impossible without it. 

What is your business goal? Personally I want to be a Dragon.

Working projects that carry challenges, require to develop new skills, new approach. I like the unknown.

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